The East Hill Boat Shop is located on The Rochester Folk Art Guild's, East Hill Farm in Middlesex, New York.  

Our Story

The driving force behind the creation of the shop was Sterling Klinck, long time member of the guild and resident of the farm.  He was a master wood worker who was often asked to restore small craft over the course of his career.  In 2004 the shop was created to allow him to move on from restorations and build boats.  His signature build was Joel White's Catspaw dinghy which was a take off from the classic Herreshoff design.  Sterling passed in the Spring of 2017

Fred DeWolf has picked up where Sterling left off.  Formally trained in the art of boat building at The International Yacht Restoration School, located in Newport, Rhode Island, Fred is well versed in the skills and traditions necessary to build, maintain and restore wooden boats.  His first projects at The East Hill Boat Shop will be to finish off the last Catspaw hull that Sterling had commenced to build on his forms;  This will be the fourth dinghy that will have come off of Sterling's forms.  In the shop currently is a Chestnut Prospector Canoe that is in for a complete restoration involving nearly half it's frames and new seats and yoke.  Fred has also started restoring a 1957 Lippencott built Lightning, hull #6070 with hopes that it will be ready for the 80th Anniversary Lightning Regatta to be held at Skaneatlas in 2018.